Choosing a Professionally Accredited Orthodontist Makes Sense

In the field of dentistry, becoming an orthodontist is one of the most rewarding of the careers one can choose. The reason for this is because the orthodontist specializes in helping correct the irregularities of the teeth, thus giving his or her patient more confidence with a beautiful smile. The field of orthodontia commonly known as orthodontics was the first dental specialty in the arena of dentistry. As a rule, an orthodontist focuses on malocclusion and jaws that may be disproportionate (although general dentists can offer some degree of orthodontic care).

Becoming an orthodontist requires a person to be dedicated to serious study, as he or she will have to have an additional two to four years post graduate studies to be eligible for the field. He or she will have to be enrolled in a study authorized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and must have already graduated with a BDS, A DDS, a DMD or some other equal degree. An orthodontic program of any accreditation or worth is very aggressive and competitive to get into. Having done so, it would be a travesty to become an orthodontist and not take advantage of joining a professional orthodontic organization which demonstrates the integrity of the orthodontist. One such organization is the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Being a member of AAO is a mark of being a professionally accredited orthodontist worthy of his or her calling. It makes sense that if a patient wants to choose an orthodontist that he or she could easily select one from the AAO website,


Skelton Orthodontics PLLC is an orthodontic specialist clinic belonging to AAO. As an orthodontist in colorado springs, Colorado who belongs to AAO, one could be sure, first of all, of the professionalism of the services. Skelton Orthodontics is listed at the website, and offers much information and benefits for their patients.

Orthodontic treatment should begin at a young age, preferably between the ages of 10 and 14. The reason for this is because older teens and adults already have their teeth set and their facial and jaw structure in place, making it more difficult to work with. The earlier the treatment begins, the better on the patient. Some of the benefits one will find at Skelton Orthodontics are treatments for underbite, overbite, teeth grinding, teeth spacing, chewing problems and even sleep apnea. More information and benefits can be found by visiting the website of Skelton Orthodontics PLLC,


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